Lucie Desaubliaux

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Just released:

Working on:


  • An app depicting the PhD researches of Constance, about animals and human territories
  • Combining together my Winter Plans and documenting them in my log
  • A CMS to create printable pdf documents generated w/ Paged.js


  • A Jekyll compatible homemade CMS w/ Next.js
  • UB3000 A database / map of links between readings


  • How to draw hexeracts w/ P5.js
  • Re-organizing all my personal websites and researches in one single web-project
  • Show here my CMS / database experiments crafted for the Maipo / my personal projects
Cover illustration of Simply Cyan - Jekyll theme project

Simply Cyan - Jekyll theme

Simply Cyan is a Jekyll theme dedicated to text and reading. This theme focuses on readability and clarity. Different available functions are at work to facilitate the reader’s experience (resizing the fonts, switching between serif and sans-serif, dark & light modes…).

Cover illustration of Spacesnap project


For years now, I collect pictures of places – especially space or sea related – I walk (or drift) through while playing video games. I wanted to gather them elsewhere than on my Steam profile and to be able to flick through them and share them as souvenirs of my gaming vacations.

Cover illustration of Noise generator project

Noise generator

I’m a big fan of parasites and they are a major character of my next novel. For an artistic performance, I needed to generate noise images of different sizes and resolution, so I decided to make my own generator and to fill my browser with good old fashioned noise.

Cover illustration of Personal website project

Personal website

This my personal website I use as a showcase for my different artistic projects and a journal of all my art-related activities. Even if it’s only two years, I’m looking forward tidying up its code a little bit and maybe go through a little refreshing of its design.