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Just released:

Working on:


  • An app depicting the PhD researches of Constance, about animals and human territories
  • Combining together my Winter Plans and documenting them in my log
  • A CMS to create printable pdf documents generated w/ Paged.js


  • A Jekyll compatible homemade CMS w/ Next.js
  • UB3000 A database / map of links between readings


  • How to draw hexeracts w/ P5.js
  • Re-organizing all my personal websites and researches in one single web-project
  • Show here my CMS / database experiments crafted for the Maipo / my personal projects

My name is Lucie Desaubliaux and I live in Rennes, France.

I develop websites regularly for 5 years now and as a freelancer since november 2021.

I love HTML and writing custom CSS. I’m fond of doing things from scratch (I usually use no frameworks). It seems to me it’s largely enough to build beautiful, useful and accessible websites. I discovered the JAMstack two years ago, and static websites are now my weapons of choice.

However, everyone is full of paradoxes: I’m also quite fascinated by data and its organization, I then love to play around with databases. I learnt PHP and MySQL, and I spent lot of time organizing data in tables and building custom CMS to play with them. I love to build beautiful, clear and easy-to-use forms and fields to fill, and to weave links between rows and columns.

I’m always eager to learn more about web development, new tools, new properties or new ways to think the internet.

I have a particular interest in the way texts are displayed on screen and I love creating designs dedicated to reading.

I also am a writer and an artist, and I have a part-time job as cultural coordinator at Maison de la Poésie de Rennes.

If you need me, or have a project you’d like to discuss about, you can reach me at l.desaubliaux [at]

2024: I’m currently on maternity leave, so not much will be updated around here, but you can still reach me by mail, I’ll be happy to answer you!

Social: Github · Instagram